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Sweet Candyville Collections LLC.

Babassu JoJoba Hair Growth Oil

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Sweet Candyville Collections LLC.  Babassu Jojoba, Oil is made more than 8 Oils that are infused with Nutrients Oil which have all been said to be best hair growth oils.  Our Hair Growth Oil contains Shea Butter, Babassu, Jojoba, Grapeseed Oil, Sunflower, Hydrogenated Palm and Palm Kernel Glycerides, Castor Oil, Sulphur, Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil, Fragrance and Aloe Vera Gel.  These aid in Faster, Hair Growth, Reduce Dandruff and retain healthy hair.

Directions:  Apply to the hair from the roots 3-4 times a week or needed.  Good for All Hair Types and Especially Natural Hair.

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